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Case Study

Freezone Festival

Freezone Festival is a 4 day event organised as a fundraiser for the awesome charity Freezone Retreat. Having run retreats for the last 10 years on a truly not for profit basis, we have built up a repertoire of amazing facilitators all of whom have given their time and experience to achieve the aims of Freezone. We’ve decided to combine this wealth of knowledge, connection and love to put on an event that promises to enhance your spiritual connection and wellbeing.

Freezone Festival

The Brief

We were approached by this client to create a fun, engaging and enticing website to promote their festival once a year and sell tickets. They wanted all the facilitators and musicians involved in the festivals to have individual bios. It was important that the website captured their ethos of a small festival bringing that old school festival feeling of love and connection.

Scope of Project

eCommerce, Hosting, IT Support, SEO & Social Media Marketing

See the Website

Work carried out

The website was created on WordPress and hosted by Joe Joubert. The site was mapped out working closely alongside the organisers. Sometimes information would change so this was an iterative process and updates made quickly and swiftly. Ecommerce was used to create a range of ticket sales and worked very well. Photos were chosen meticulously to enhance the website. We also created the branding for Freezone Festival as well.

The Result

The organisers were extremely happy with the website not only the look but also the functionality of the tickets. We have worked with them now over a few years and each year the website will look slightly different adapting to the posters theme colours.

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